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Course Materials

Course handouts and other course materials are being updated and will begin to be available within the next few weeks.  If you wish to be advised of when the updated material is available, please email us at autismems@verizon.net.   

Course materials is intended for personal use only and may not be reproduced or distributed without expressed, written permission from the author.  It is offered here for use by those who attended or will be attending one of our presentations.  If you have questions or are requesting permission to use the information, please contact autismems@verizon.net.

To download material, click the icon to the right.  If you need a pdf viewer, please go to www.adobe.com for a free version.

Course Handout - "It's All About Them"
The course handout for the full 3-4 hour AutismEMS course.
Updated 3/2010

Additional course material to be added as it becomes available.